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Build applications and automate your Workflows

To be successful in today’s competitive environment, businesses must have an efficient interactions with their people, processes, and technology — whether handling back-office operations, working with business partners, or serving customers. Workflow Automation powered by Miagen provides a low-code development platform to create customer journeys and automate simple and sophisticated workflows to efficiently drive your business.

Miagen’s Workflow drag-and-drop interface simplifies how you connect data across systems, replace manual processes, and collaborate across departments.

With ease clients can extend their application and data integration capabilities from workflow-based business applications to online/offline mobile apps and web portals.

Build applications and automate workflows with low-code and cloud-native technologies quickly and easily with the support of Miagen.

Benefits of Workflow Automation:

  • Build applications at scale

Build apps and automate workflows in days with pre-built templates and drag-and-drop interface so you can collaborate and scale effortlessly

  • Easily connect your data

Easily connect to systems and databases to securely enable data flows with hundreds of pre-built integration connectors across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments

  • Flexibly deploy to engage

Deploy apps anywhere with flexibility to provide engaging digital experiences for customers, employees, and partners across every device, online or offline

How to automate workflows and build applications with Flow:

  • Build

Turn ideas into reality, fast. Build your workflow applications using simple drag-and-drop editing tools. Spend your time and energy building apps, rather than grappling with burdensome infrastructure.

  • Publish

Package all elements of your application and manage version control. You can publish with a single click and convert flow diagrams into fully-functioning apps, which are then easy to organize and manage.

  • Engage

Distribute your application to run in any cloud or on any device, platform, or channel. Workflow Automation powered by Miagen is built for flexibility and versatility to meet the needs of today’s digital business.

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