What You Get

Business Intelligence at the push of a button

In the shipping industry time is money and planning is critical

  • Are you using multiple plans to manage your shipping portfolio?
  • Is it taking you weeks to perform scenario planning and forecasting?
  • How error prone are your Excel models and how scalable are they?

Give your business the competitive advantage it needs

As cost efficiencies and operation optimization continue to be the focal point in a competitive market, there’s an even greater need by the shipping industry to make fast calculations on vessel portfolios, contracts and associated costs. Having high-quality information at your disposal makes all the difference. Quickly see the potential margins by contracts/vessels and the impacts of such as you plan multiple scenarios and opportunities in tandem to guide you in making better commercial decisions. SeaGen gives your business speed, flexibility and agility to deliver real competitive advantage.

At last. An FP&A system that works as fast as you do.

SeaGen is a complete forecasting tool designed for shipping companies.

SeaGen has the look of a spreadsheet with the capabilities of a multi functional software.

  • Create full financial statements per vessel and/or entity in your portfolio.
  • Analyze your income and expense from a multiple of perspectives on the fly.
  • Monitor operations at a Group level or dig deep into the granularity with a touch of a button.
  • Create bespoke reports and scenario plans with ease.
  • Create local forecasts and budgets that roll up into group wide perspectives.
  • De-centralize the planning process to create ownership and more accurate decision making.

The difference is speed

Accurate planning can take weeks, even months to arrive at the optimal decision. Unlike spreadsheets that were never designed to handle masses of complex data, SeaGen’s performance never wavers. It is built to be a single repository for data and as it’s in the Cloud it is securely accessible from any location on multiple devices. Results can be viewed in seconds as the information and models are fully integrated and can be updated quickly and easily driving better commercial decisions.

Breakaway from spreadsheet limitations

Intuitive and easy to use, SeaGen’s user interface looks and acts like a spreadsheet, so you don’t lose time on the learning curve. It works the way you do. As it’s a database under the hood, you benefit from scalability and performance without sacrificing usability.

Dynamic and Intelligent

  • Easy-to-build customisable dashboards and reports.
  • Multi-dimensional views and drill-down availability on vessel, entity, report and data.
  • View your portfolio geographically, by contract, vessel type, load type etc.
  • Connect directly to the data, so adjustments and amendments are immediately visible.

Drill down functionality by vessel 


    • Discover the real drivers of productivity.
    • Answer the “why” question in seconds without need for further investigation.
    • Monitor and streamline local level budgeting into the Group level perspective.

Complexity made simple

    • Choose a combination of dimensions to examine key attributes and industry metrics.
    • Connect to your CMS allowing two-way data.
    • Perform key calculations and flex these calculations through different scenarios.


  • Create structured reports and/or report on the fly.
  • Look at the data from different entities, levels and/or perspectives.
  • Fully customizable, user-defined views.


    • SeaGen is a central repository for all operating expenses and contract forecasts.
    • Schedule operating expenses such as dry dock days, insurance costs, capex and personnel expenses.
    • Compare future contracts, benchmark existing contracts and monitor progress against budgets.
    • Discover the real drivers of profitability and the opportunities for efficiencies.
    • Monitor in a timely fashion and react to indicators as they present themselves

Treasury Management

  • SeaGen links to your TMS to collate all debt-related data in a single environment.
  • Report on debt from asset type down to vessel reg.
  • Carry out complex cash forecasting and scenario planning.

Secure and Scalable.

SeaGen is cloud-based, so you don’t need to invest in hardware or IT support. All updates are handled seamlessly and automatically. It scales easily as your business grows, and it’s accessible across multiple devices, so you’re never far away from the information you need to make a decision. Additionally, connect SeaGen with other data systems and sources through our BI platform and run your entire business from your phone. Set alerts around your data and manage by exception. Collaborate on the information as it happens, giving your business complete flexibility and responsiveness. Bringing together your data, systems and people for a digitally connected business.

Key benefits of SeaGen

Intelligent Reporting

‘Miagen’s technological capabilities and professional approach are of the highest standards facilitating the process of SMT Shipping’s FP&A transformation’. Chris Smith SMT Shipping

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