Trintech: Simplify your Financial Close


Trintech is a Global leader in financial close and reconciliation software. Its solutions are used by 4,500+ businesses around the world looking to simplify their financial close, reconciliation processes and empower their teams.

Trintech’s mid-market solution, the Adra® Suite, helps accountants and finance professionals save time and close faster by automating tedious manual processes.

Adra® by Trintech includes:

  • Adra Matcher, which automates transaction matching;
  • Adra Balancer, a balance sheet reconciliations platform;
  • Adra Task Manager, a project management tool for financial close;
  • Adra Analytics, which provides full visibility into the close process.

Adra Suite of Solutions work together to improve accuracy and reduce financial risks – for better management of the year-end process and integrates seamlessly with other established financial systems so you can close faster and with greater confidence in the reported figures.

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