What You Get

Airline Route Profitability like never before.

Unlock the information in your data and say goodbye to unprofitable routes


Even as market growth opportunities remain, external risks and global uncertainty could tilt that delicate balance back towards losses.

  • Do you have full visibility of drivers like passenger volumes, fuel costs, baggage fees and fares?
  • Can you tell which routes are profitable or loss-making and why?
  • Can you conduct accurate scenario planning?

Built with profitability and optimization in mind

Pressure on airline profitability continues in a challenging operating environment. Even as passenger traffic grows, labour and fuel prices can eat into operating costs, while geopolitical factors are causing further uncertainty. Airline leaders must make smart decisions to improve cost efficiency and eliminate unprofitable routes. To do this, it’s critical to understand the drivers of profitability that influence those decisions. This information needs to be available quickly and easily, to enable real-time analysis that guides critical business decisions. Otherwise, the smallest changes to unit price and cost could impact on profitability.

Your aviation data at your fingertips

RouteGen is a self-service platform that’s intuitive and easy to use. It helps airlines understand and manage their Route Profitability by dramatically reducing the time needed to arrive at the insight to drive critical decisions. RouteGen is the key to unlock the data you need to gain a better understanding of aircraft operating costs and to match routes and capacity to demand.

When the drivers of profitability change, you need to adapt fast

Knowing which routes are profitable or loss making – and why – is essential for airlines to optimise profitability. External factors or competition can force changes to an airline’s drivers of profitability, such as passenger volumes, fare rates, fuel or labour costs. When that happens, it’s vital to have the agility to respond quickly and decisively.

Designed for all airlines

RouteGen is suitable for all airlines, from low-cost carriers to mainline and premium economy operators, operating with diverse aircraft types and different cost bases.

Real-time aviation intelligence at a glance:

    • Easily compare costs and revenue between routes
    • Conduct route scenario planning
    • Match capacity to demand
    • Run multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios

Simpler, more accurate forecasting:


    • Remove complexity and labour from forecasting
    • Identify breakeven costs of flights
    • Make better operational decisions

Move measurement from monthly to daily:


  • More frequent reviews
  • Spot patterns and trends sooner
  • Respond to changes faster

Cutting-edge technology:


    • User-friendly and dynamic dashboards
    • Real-time alerts
    • Rapid drill-down capability and analysis
    • Built on Workday Adaptive Insights platform and Domo BI toolset
    • Cloud-based technology

RouteGen features:


  • Real-time Route Profitability analysis
  • Predictive route planning and cost analysis
  • O&D customer profitability
  • Operational trade-off dashboard to track correlations between: – profitability and OTP – crew productivity – employee engagement – customer satisfaction.

Dynamic dashboards and intelligent reporting

Out of the box, RouteGen delivers:

  • A more responsive and accessible reporting and forecasting platform.
  • Increased speed of reporting, without the need to rely on old data.
  • Improved profitability and cost analysis.
  • Real-time alerts and smart dashboards for rapid drill-down and analysis.
  • More visibility into actuals as they happen identifying likely trends.
  • Compare CASM and RASM by aircraft type or segment, to see which routes operate most efficiently and with which aircraft.
  • Explore revenue/margin possibilities by aircraft type and route numbers per market.
  • Reduced revenue leakage and missed opportunities.
  • Empowered, proactive users with relevant information to tackle operational challenges before they happen.
  • Insight into opportunities for revenue maximisation.
  • Greater efficiencies and automated processes.
  • Free up valuable personnel to focus on innovation and growth.

Insight you never thought possible!

What if you had a system that can fast-track complex financial models in minutes instead of days? Could you build a model like this with your current in-house system or on spreadsheets? What if there was a system that rolls out rapidly, is robust and reliable, and provides accurate, relevant data to support your decision making? That system is RouteGen

Key benefits of RouteGen

✓ Self-service platform with no need for IT support ✓ Greater visibility into actuals in real-time identifying likely trends ✓ Quickly run multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios ✓ Identify cabin class profitability ✓ Drive better decision making with more accurate information ✓ Dynamic dashboards with ‘real-time’ alerts ✓ Cloud-based technology ✓ Accessible on any device incl. mobile ✓ Rapid return on investment

Intelligent Reporting

‘Miagen’s technological capabilities and professional approach are of the highest standards facilitating the process of SMT Shipping’s FP&A transformation’. Chris Smith, Business Planning and Control

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