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Profitability Analysis

Software to Plan and Analyze Your Profitability and Improve Strategic Decisions

Gain detailed insight into the most and least profitable aspects of your business. Adjust your customer, product, and channel strategies to meet your financial and growth goals and reach your maximum profit potential.

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Plan and Manage Profit From the Top Down and Bottom Up. The Adaptive Suite gives you best practice models for allocation and driver-based profitability planning and analysis. Use historical data and assumptions to determine the most and least profitable customers, products, and channels. Build scenarios to model profit plans, track and analyze those plans against actual gross and net margins, and adjust drivers and operational processes to improve financial performance outcomes.
Get Granular for Deeper Insights Into Your Profits. With Adaptive Insights, you can analyze your profitability by customer, product, channel, business unit, and geography based on detailed sales, cost, and margin data. Identify profit-and-loss spikes, trends, seasonal patterns, and outliers. Gain the financial insight that will help you make changes in customer interactions, product mix, and sales strategies that will drive up your profits.

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Real-Time P&L Dashboards and Reports Keep Stakeholders Informed. With real-time dashboards and P&L reports, the Adaptive Suite allows you to give executives, finance, business unit managers, and product managers the same accurate view of profit KPIs, such as product net margin by customer and customer lifetime value. Explore and collaborate on the details behind performance and where to improve.
Determine the Impact of Fixed and Variable Costs on Profit. Examine the relationship between your fixed and variable cost drivers—such as cost pools, activity rates, and unit costs—and your sales volume to determine your operating leverage and break-even points. Drill into details to understand where to make cost planning adjustments that will magnify your profits when sales increase, and minimize losses if sales drop.

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