What You Get

Cash Flow Management

Integrate P&L Statements With Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Projections

Improve forecast accuracy and minimize manual data entry with streamlined, automated balance sheet and cash flow management.

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Top-Down Balance Sheet and Integrated Cash Flow Planning Incorporate best practices and model your balance sheet using a top-down approach at the total company or entity level, and then budget at the roll-up account level. Use formula logic to create a completely automated cash flow that reflects changes in the balance sheet.
Comprehensive Balance Sheet Modeling. Adjust key balance sheet assumptions and drivers, such as DSO and DPO, for payables and receivables. Create logic for supporting schedules like inventory, pre-paids, debt amortization, and accruals. Account for fixed assets and accumulated depreciation from capital purchases.
Global Financial Planning That’s Simplified. Simplify multi-currency balance sheet plans for multinational operations. Adaptive Insights automatically translates actuals at the entity level — in the local currency — to the corporate currency, and automates cumulative translation adjustment. Create historical rates for common stock, asset purchases, and more, and report financial data in any currency.


Consolidated Balance Sheet and Cash Flow. Our powerful rule engine cuts the need to manually compare intercompany payables and receivables and generate eliminations across subsidiaries. Real-time rules identify and match trading partners to auto-generate variances and create balanced entries. You always have a truly consolidated balance sheet and an accurate view of cash flow for the entire enterprise.
Flexible Scenario Planning and Analysis. Model different financing scenarios, DSO terms, and more to get greater transparency into investment income and liquidity, as well as to identify growth opportunities and fundraising needs. Updates to revenue and expenses automatically flow to the balance sheet and cash flow, so your financial projections are always up to date.
Manage Metrics to Achieve Optimum Financing and Liquidity Monitor business performance with an at-a-glance overview of analytics for key ratios — quick, current, debt/equity, and turnover. One-click refresh of financial reports makes it easy to provide executive management with the critical metrics that inform sound investment strategy.

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