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Budgeting Expenses

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Budgeting Expenses

Streamline Expense Management and Access Key Cost Drivers on Demand

Simplify and accelerate expense forecasting, planning, and analytics. Adaptive Insights helps you more accurately budget costs, identify cost reduction areas, and get a complete view of total company spend.

Get More Visibility, Better Cost Control. From workforce to capital, travel to maintenance, and more, our intuitive modeling application gives you the flexibility to budget expenses your way. Managers can enter department-specific notes and plan at the summary account level, or by detailed line item. Get full visibility into costs so you can better manage spend.
Optimize Costs With Analytics. Visualize key metrics, such as total cost per employee, operating expense ratio, and spend by region, with interactive dashboards. Track trends over time to benchmark and identify patterns — and then reallocate costs with dynamic expense forecasts that update in real time.
Put Self-Service Variance Reporting Into Managers’ Hands. Hold managers accountable for expense budgets with self-service variance reporting. Managers can drill into actuals, all the way to transactions, and add commentary — all from a web browser. With snapshots to keep records of actuals vs. budget and one-click monthly roll-forward, it’s the perfect way to move to a self-service variance model

Enhance Collaboration Through Powerful Workflow Tracking. Keep track of budget submissions with automated workflow. Email alerts notify approvers that expense budgets are ready for review, and visual process management lets you assign tasks to users or departments and track status all the way to closure. This collaborative expense planning and monitoring helps improve manager engagement and accountability.
Perform Expense Allocations Your Way. Our built-in rule engine simplifies expense allocations. Choose the source and recipient departments, what will be allocated, and the methodology — headcount, square footage, units, and more — and rules automatically evaluate, without circular references. Always-live allocations update as your spend changes, giving you a complete view into costs across departments.
See the Impact of Changes with Integrated, Driver-Based Planning. Understand how expenses directly affect your margins and cash flow so you can manage more effectively. With our integrated driver-based planning, you immediately see the impact of changes. Increase or decrease a driver like headcount, and Adaptive Insights automatically updates capital spend, rent allocations, benefits expense, and even anticipated potential revenue.