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Workday Adaptive Planning - Discovery

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Workday Adaptive Planning Discovery

Drive Business Performance with Interactive Dashboards, Visualizations, and Charts that Anyone Can Create, Personalize, and Share

Put the power of self-service interactive dashboards, visualizations, and charts into your hands to monitor and drive business performance. Visualize numbers and charts side-by-side while you plan, easily see variances in a waterfall chart, personalize dashboards with your own KPIs, and perform period-over-period analysis. Analyze real-time financial and operational data over time, reach your own conclusions, and apply what you’ve learned to improve the plan. With easy, powerful, and fast analytics and dashboard software, you can plan and adapt without compromise to drive business success.

Spend More Time Advising. Less Time Compiling Numbers

With Workday Adaptive Planning Discovery, you can spend more time advising your operational executives and managers, because you spend less time cross-referencing the numbers and creating reports. That’s because the data is comprehensive, relevant, and fresh so the interactive dashboards you create and share will always be up-to-date.

Built for Finance

The expertise you bring to your finance role is all the knowledge you need to help you create, comprehend, and share interactive dashboards, visualizations, and charts tailored to help you do your job. Quickly identify variances from a waterfall chart, perform period-over-period analysis, compare the budget to actuals, and recognize performance trends over time, all from the dashboard itself.

Create Interactive Visualizations

Interactive visualizations complement our human capacity to rapidly analyze information and are often preferable if the task is to contrast and compare. With real-time data that reveals itself in layers, you can select and personalize information for your own use to quickly understand and compare performance over time, identify root cause, and course correct to achieve goals.


Help Everyone Visualize Their KPIs. Draw your operational managers and executives into the planning process with enticing dashboards that help them visualize their KPIs. Create and share interactive dashboards that help them distinguish patterns so they can quickly focus on what matters. By enabling business users to identify problems on their own, you help them drive business performance and improve results. And once they’re able to personalize their dashboards, and visualize performance across time, they’ll never go back.
Initiate Conversations About Results. Performance measurement is social; it’s about gaining agreement on which KPIs to track and how they’re measured, and collaborating to improve results. Workday Adaptive Planning Discovery helps facilitate this process in multiple ways. First, by making it easy to share powerful interactive dashboards that help you initiate conversations with your finance and operational executives about business results. And also, by helping you share visualizations and charts directly from the dashboard in Presentation mode, or by adding them to documents as .png files for easy distribution and collaboration.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Free yourself from manual budgeting processes and increase your productivity by more than 70%. Financial planning and analysis software takes the pain out of budgeting and forecasting.


Faster Financial Reporting

Slice and dice your management and financial data with corporate finance software, or drill down into details with self-service reporting on the web and in Microsoft Office.


Dashboards and Analysis

Track and share KPIs with self-service, interactive dashboards. Financial analytics software gives you the ability to understand and tell a complete story with financial and operational data.