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Workday Adaptive Planning - Consolidation

Workday Adaptive Planning – Consolidation

Automate and Accelerate Your Financial Consolidation—in the Cloud

Designed for accounting, Workday Adaptive Planning Consolidation speeds up your financial close with real-time financial consolidation and intercompany eliminations. Automate currency translations, reclassification, and reporting for faster, more accurate consolidation, close, and reporting cycles.

Streamline and Automate Your Financial Consolidation Processes Workday Adaptive Planning Consolidation’s intuitive, Excel-like interface and debit/credit format streamline intercompany eliminations, journal entries, and more. It’s easy to categorize pre-eliminations, eliminations, and adjustments. Minority interest and ownership percentages are user-defined and automatically calculated. Our automated currency conversion and cumulative translation adjustment simplify complex multi-currency financial consolidations.
Get Full Visibility Into Your Consolidated Financials—Anytime, Anywhere With Workday Adaptive Planning financial consolidation happens in real time—no batch jobs, no long-running processes—so you always have visibility during the close. Built-in rule intelligence automates intercompany eliminations, reclassifications, and allocations. For even more insight, you can drill down into the details behind consolidated figures.
Complete Transparency and Audit Trail, Stronger Compliance We’ve built controls right into Workday Adaptive Planning to help you audit your data and track your close. You’ll easily be able to track who changed values and formulas as well as when they were changed, thanks to date and time stamps—even view new and old values. Our clear, centralized view of all users, and their roles and permissions, helps you stay on top of your compliance initiatives.

Finally, a Consistent, Repeatable, and Collaborative Close. Powerful built-in process management allows you to track and monitor the execution of financial close tasks, such as checking currency rates and ensuring eliminations have been finalized. It’s the perfect tool for your close checklist—and keeps everyone on track, no matter how distributed your accounting team is.
The Last Mile of Finance: Faster, Standardized Financial Reporting. Workday Adaptive Planning’s built-in, dynamic web reporting lets you drill down into GL accounts, even back to the detailed transaction level. Refresh financial statements with one click, and deliver formatted narrative and board reporting with Adaptive OfficeConnect. XBRL integration streamlines the process of moving from “close to disclose.”
One-Click Pivot From Close to Planning. Because Adaptive Consolidation is built on a common technology foundation and unified with Workday Adaptive Planning, you can pivot from close to budget with a single click. A single database for financial data and business structure ensures a pain-free handoff from consolidated financials to plans.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Free yourself from manual budgeting processes and increase your productivity by more than 70%. Financial planning and analysis software takes the pain out of budgeting and forecasting.


Faster Financial Reporting

Slice and dice your management and financial data with corporate finance software, or drill down into details with self-service reporting on the web and in Microsoft Office.


Dashboards and Analysis

Track and share KPIs with self-service, interactive dashboards. Financial analytics software gives you the ability to understand and tell a complete story with financial and operational data.


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