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Synchronise and enrich trusted data across your business

Break down barriers and take control of your data

Poor data quality is a very real problem in all organisations. Keeping information accurate and synchronised across multiple systems puts enormous pressure on already strained IT resources. But good data is the lifeblood of any enterprise.

Master Data Management (MDM) powered by Miagen holds the key for ensuring data quality to drive efficiencies and improvements in every area of your operations. However, very few organisations possess the skills and resources to deploy a scalable MDM system.

Master Data Hub powered by Miagen and its cloud-native capabilities make it possible for your data analysts to model, match, synchronise, cleanse, and enrich data across domains. With Master Data Hub, you can easily scale your MDM processes to accommodate growth in data volume and business applications.

Master Data Hub is a cloud-native master data management platform solution that sits at the center of your business – including your existing MDM solution, to provide you an easy to implement, scalable, flexible, and secure master data management hub as a service.

Benefits of implementing Master Data Hub

  • Cloud Simplicity. Cloud Economy. Cloud Speed.

Master Data Hub ensures your data is accurate, complete, and up to date. Setup, configuration, and management are all handled through a unified, cloud-native environment.

  • Multi-domain, Multi-application MDM

Master Data Hub is domain-agnostic and allows you to create custom fields for different data domains to support all your applications and allows you to create a single source of truth.

  • Increase data accuracy and consistency

As your number of endpoints increase, point-to-point integrations quickly become unmanageable. Master Data Hub uses a centralized data hub architecture that all contributing systems can use. It provides real-time validation, enrichment, and data matching across all connected systems. Leverage Master Data Hub’s built-in change detection services to reduce noise between systems and the design of complex look ups.

  • Accelerate time-to-insight

Master Data Hub’s comprehensive data management and governance capabilities ensure that the highest quality data is available to your teams so they can make decisions faster.

Formula for Master Data Hub success:

  • Define

Rapidly model master data entities through a low-code and visual experience.

  • Deploy

Add your models into the Hub repository then identify which source systems will interact with them.

  • Onboard

Absorb all system records into a consolidated repository and automatically match and merge similar records.

  • Steward

Create business rules to alert your team and assist with resolving duplicates, fixing data entry issues and correcting erroneous data.

  • Govern

Enforce real-time, bi-directional process flows that break down data silos.

Ensure data quality and reduce data management headaches

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