What You Get

Easy, powerful, and fast

World-class CPM. World-class FP&A.

The experts agree that the current role of the CFO and the finance function will be radically transformed by 2025. We help empower finance professionals who want to lead this change. The Miagen journey includes Process and Reporting Automation, Driver Based Collaborative Planning, Graphical & Exception Analysis and Agile Strategic Planning and 5 Year Forecasting. We help clients speed their journey towards world class CPM and Financial Planning & Analysis.

Faster and better decision making

Quickly see how to respond to sudden changes. Run all types of scenarios, easily and quickly. Benefit from continuous, agile, informed forecasting and budgeting. Steer with a clear, real, full picture of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Everyone manages performance and profit

Decentralise planning and share responsibility for profit. Enable more people to take responsibility for profitability and yet improve accuracy and control.

Faster response

Massively reduce time spent collating and crunching data, enjoy super-efficient, super-fast production of key management data. Generate insightful reports in minutes. Slash reporting close times and effort. Automate statutory, management and consolidated reporting.

More opportunities revealed

An incredible view into the true dynamics of your organisation will reveal a flood of opportunities to improve your performance, competitiveness and profits.