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We can zero in on implementing an initial, quick-win, application or we can build a powerful, agile information system which will give you a complete, crystal clear view of your corporate performance at your fingertips. A system which will revolutionise how you report, forecast and plan.

Profitability Planning & Management

Demand Planning

A more reliable approach to sales planning

Build your business around future demand rather than historical sales. Leverage the full power of econometrics by using drivers such as addressable market size, historical market share and economic forecasts.
Sales Planning

Collaborative sales plans

See your product and services sales plans by customer, region, team and individual. Use multi-level pricing. Align your sales and service organisations and approve or reject plans centrally.
Revenue Recognition

Reduce revenue recognition complexity

Forecast revenue faster and more reliably. Use driver-based revenue and sales forecasts to continuously monitor actual performance against objectives and the resulting impact on cash flow and working capital.
Workforce Planning

Optimise headcount quotas and commission plans

Set more accurate headcount quotas based on operational goals, business need and productivity. Staff your teams more efficiently. Forecast commissions based on different scenarios and easily analyse variances from plan.
Production & Project Planning

Automate production plans

Automatically plan production costs and capacity from sales plans. See instant impact of sales plan changes. Plan project personnel costs and profits for teams, capabilities and other resources.
Expense Planning

Simplify expense plans

Simplify and accelerate expense forecasting, planning and analytics. Accurately budget costs and identify cost reduction opportunities. Get a complete view of total company spend. Understand if expense variances arise from changes in planned activity or changes in corporate performance.
Maintenance Reserves

Make more accurate maintenance estimates

Whether it is an Airbus 380 or an Offshore Drill Rig accurately and consistently calculate complex maintenance reserves for scheduled major capital assets or components.

Capital & Cashflow Planning & Management

Capital Planning

Improve capital management

Drive stronger capital management with powerful planning and analysis. Streamline planning and reporting for the complete life cycle of your capital assets. Plan and model capital asset acquisitions, automate depreciation methods, and gain complete visibility into the impact of capital on your financial statements.
Finance Scheduling

Manage multi-currency finance asset portfolios

Create and manage repayment and interest schedules incorporating covenant monitoring and reporting for multi-currency asset finance portfolios.
Cost of Ownership

Optimise total costs of ownership

Leverage your cost, operating, capital expenditure, finance, depreciation, impairment and productivity models to understand the total cost of ownership of large value assets.
Balance Sheet & Cash Flow

Increase accuracy minimise manual entry

Streamline and automate balance sheet and cash flow reporting and forecasting with integrated profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow statements.
Working Capital Management

Increase cash conversion

Use ratio based working capital planning and reporting with drill down to monitor and improve working capital.
Cash Flow Planning

Multi-currency cash flow forecasting

Integrate short and long term multi-currency cash flow forecasting. Have the ability to quickly see the impact of changes in underlying assumptions and schedules. Avail of inbuilt version control for multiple versions and scenarios.

Forecasting, Analysis & Reporting

Profitability Analysis

Better strategic decisions

Plan and analyse your profitability to improve strategic decisions. Gain detailed insight into the most and least profitable aspects of your business. Adjust your customer, product, and channel strategies to meet your financial and growth goals.
Financial Close & Consolidation

Improved accuracy, reduced close time

Speed up your financial close with real-time financial consolidation and intercompany eliminations. Automate currency translations, reclassifications, and reporting for faster, more accurate consolidation, close, and reporting cycles.

Empower finance teams

Access easy-to-use management and financial reporting software—all in the Cloud. Empower finance teams and managers with intuitive and interactive self-service reporting. Distribute board reports, slice and dice management and financial reports, and drill down into the details. Deliver insights anytime, anywhere.
Budgeting & Rolling Forecasts

Fuel trust and accountability

Establish a common centralized data foundation that fuels trust and accountability. Move beyond wrangling spreadsheets and fixing broken calculations.

Tell the story well

Tell the whole financial story that exists within your data. Combine operational and financial data and communicate in a way your business partners will understand.
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