What You Get

Revenue Management

Accurately Predict Revenue with Integrated Financial and Sales Planning

Create collaborative revenue and sales plans that align your finance, sales, and service organizations. Real-time dashboards give you the insights you need to optimize sales operations and stay on top of your revenue streams.

Align Revenue and Sales Plans With Corporate Objectives. Forecast faster and more reliably. Create driver-based revenue and sales forecasts for all business units in collaboration with your finance, sales, and service teams. Then, continuously monitor actual performance against objectives, as well as the resulting impact on cash flow and balance sheets.
Optimize Quota, Headcount, and Commission Plans. Set more accurate quotas based on revenue goals and opportunities. Staff your sales teams more efficiently. Forecast commissions based on different scenarios, and monitor quota attainment through a direct connection with Salesforce.com.

Recognize Revenue Accurately for Better Revenue Forecasts. Identify your bookings’ revenue recognition triggers and timelines that affect your forecasts. Apply revenue recognition rules to one-time and recurring bookings streams. Understand when to adjust product and service delivery efforts — and expedite pending sales opportunities — in order to keep pace with your revenue plan. See the outcome of tactical decisions on revenue.

Easily Monitor and Analyze Your Plan, Forecast, and Actuals in Real Time. Get real-time visibility into your sales planning, staffing, and quotas. Display sales actuals in interactive dashboards and reports, and compare them to forecasts and plans. Drill into the details to analyze pipeline changes, bookings, and revenue KPIs by sales person, product, customers, channels, regions, and other business dimensions.